How To Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings – Hard Reset

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Resetting your Epson printer is not a big or difficult task. Perhaps your printer has been showing or flashing messages such as “ printer maintenance required.” This does not mean that your printer is about to stop working, or you will have to spend a big amount to get it to work properly.

All you need to do is reset it to the original factory settings, which is why we are here. Apart from resetting just the settings of your printer being subjected to such issues, you might also need to reinstall the printer or reset the ink cartridge when and if needed.

To keep your printer in good shape and working, regular checking of any setting malfunction or update like that of the driver. This may cause flashing of error warnings.

how to reset Epson printer to factory settings

3 Easy Methods To Reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings

In this article, we will discuss ways/methods of bringing back the factory settings of your printer. You will learn How to reset Epson printer to factory settings in this article in easy and handy steps. Here are a couple of ways that can be used for the aim of resetting the Epson printer back to factory settings. Use according to your convenience.

Method 1: The obvious “reset button.”

All printers made by Epson have been equipped with a reset button easily found at the back of the printer’s body.

  1. First of all, turn the printer off using the power button.
  2. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds to reset it. If you cannot get hold of the button due to its size, try using a pin or any other object with a smaller surface area.
  3. Now try to turn the printer on while holding the pin/button in place for a few more seconds. This will cause a warning page to be printed followed by a page containing an IP address which you can use to reset the printer by computer system settings.

This method is recommended for all beginners since it takes a lot less time.

Method 2: The adjustment program by Epson.

For those who cannot locate the reset button or if it is not in working condition, we have another way to resolve this issue for you.

  1. What you need to do is install the new and updated version of the Epson adjustment program into your system. Then open it using the visible icon.
  2. Next is clicking on the select option to be able to select the needed options. There you will find the model number of the printer you have along with the name/type of port that connects your printer to the computer.
  3. An adjustment and maintenance window/ option pops up from where you have to select the “waste ink pad counter” option found in the said section
  4. Click on the OK button/option.
  5. Look in the main ink pad counter option and then find the initialize button. This is usually found at the right bottom corner of your screen or tab open. All you need to do next is click on “finish” for the process to be set and completed. For the settings to function, you will need to restart your printer.

Method 3: The control panel of your printer.

Yet another way of setting the printer back to factory settings.

  1. Begin by navigating your way to the home menu in the control panel done by pressing the home button.
  2. Then open the setup menu with the help of navigation buttons for left and right. Select the option and confirm.
  3. The next to find is the Restore default settings option and confirm by clicking on the OK button. You can use the same approach to find an option for restoring network settings by the said same name and select. 
  4. Confirm the selections using the OK button.
  5. After all, settings have been done and reset, try to restart the printer in question and enjoy its newly framed settings.

After having gone through all the ways and methods used to reset the Epson printers, let us get familiar with some Frequently asked questions:


Why do I have to reset my printer?

Resetting is needed to get rid of any flashing messages or warnings and to be able to work without any troubleshooting issues. If you keep on ignoring the messages for a long time, it perhaps can shut down the printer and stop any printing options from being successful, thus affecting your daily work. It is best advised to keep an eye on these types of messages or warnings popping up.

What to do for resetting the printer without any software?

For resetting your Epson printer without any software, employ the use of a reset button usually found at the back of your printer and hold it there with a small pin for a couple of seconds. This will print a warning and an IP address, and the second way is to get into the control panel.

Do all models have a reset button? 

Not all of them made have been equipped with a reset button but can be reset via the processes shared above.

Where is the reset button?

As stated earlier, not all models made have a reset button. But it usually is behind the printer at the bac. If not, you can use other mentioned options for doing the job.

Should I reset it regularly?

It should be done when you see any warning or messages flashing or if you have any other trouble while printing.

 What to do if my printer is not printing?

What you can do is check for any driver corruption or updates, which can be a major cause of bad operations. Another reason can be an empty paper tray. We can be mindless sometimes. Make sure it is connected or not set to offline mode.

How to stop my printer from printing blank pages? 

It can be a result of low ink in the respective cartridge. What you should do is open the lid and hold the ink button. This will cause the ink holder to move its position. Then flip the lid to empty the cartridge and close it without removing the cartridge. This will make the printer sort of “ignore” empty ink cartridges and prevent bad or blank printing.

Final words:

Any device that one owns needs to be maintained and taken care of on a regular basis. Also, overload of work without any break period in between can be a major cause for broken printers or bad or poor quality prints. Keep an eye on any messages flashing and avoid ignoring them unless very necessary.

We are sure that if you follow all the steps with the proper work, you will learn How to reset the Epson printer to factory settings. A very important piece of advice is not to use any harsh ways or tools to flip open the lid or the printer in half as that sounds impossible to be reversed.

Epson printers or any other printers have been made in such a way that they are way easier to work than you think. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

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