How to Reset Canon Printer To Factory Settings

Canon printers are famous for their exceptional features and cutting-edge technology that comes at an affordable price. These printers are easy to maintain, and you can easily replace ink with minimum effort. It has made printing easy and straightforward with perfection and produces high-quality results. If you don’t know how to reset Canon printer, you may not be able to fix little issues on your own.

how to reset Canon printer
How to Reset Canon Printer

However, when troubleshooting, you may need to reset your canon printers to default settings, or it may be causing some problems that need resetting. There are several ways to reset the ink cartridge of your canon printer, and resetting it may be required when facing issues.

Resetting the Canon printer, take it back to the default settings, and bring all its functionalities to be expected. Resetting helps resolve any major or minor technical issue you might be facing when running a Canon printer and makes it like when it came out of the factory. It gives your canon printer out-of-box settings.

Easy Methods about How to Reset Canon Printer

You may need to reset your canon printer to get rid of issues that may be affecting the performance of your printer. That issue can sometimes be because of a disk that stores data, or sometimes it may be because of ink, so different methods allow you to reset ink, hard disk, or full printer.

Either way, your printer is not responding or facing any minor or major issue, so you may need to reset your canon printer. In this guide, we will help you learn how to reset the Canon printer. Using the following methods, you can reset your printer to default settings that get rid of minor and major issues:

● Factory Reset.

● Ink Reset.

● Power Reset.

● Hard Reset.

● Pixma Printer Reset.

We will look at every method and how it works in detail so that you can perform them without any problem.

Factory Reset of Canon Printer

There may come times when you need to reset your Canon printer to troubleshoot or fix an error. By resetting, you can get rid of any errors, and you will get out-of-box settings. It helps a lot when your printer settings are not understandable, and you can’t get the same quality as before due to printer settings. Follow these simple steps, and you will be able to factory reset your Canon printer to default settings:

  1. On your Canon printer, you will find “Setup” and press it.
  2. There will be the option of “Device settings,” you can navigate by using the printer’s arrows button and tap the ‘ok’ button.
  3. Using the arrows button, reach the “Reset all” button and then press ok.
  4. A popup will show that will ask if you want to continue on it, select yes.
  5. It will take some time, and after resetting is successfully done, it will tell you it’s done.

However, after the factory reset, you will need to set it up to your preferred settings if you want to use the printer again.

Power Reset of Canon Printer

A power reset cannot remove errors, but it can resolve minor errors, which is why it is called a soft reset. It helps to bring your Canon printer functionality to be expected, and you can power reset it by following these simple steps:

  1. Turn off your Canon printer, remove cables from the power source and Ethernet cable, and ensure that your printer is fully disconnected.
  2. After you ensure it is entirely off, turn on the printer by putting the cables in the power source and connecting the Ethernet cable.
  3. Try to see if your printer is working fine and check if those minor issues are resolved or not.

Power reset can only help resolve and bring back the machine to normal functionality as daily and constant work can cause errors and faults in any machine. It may require a soft reset to work perfectly again.

Hard Reset of Canon Printer

Sometimes you may require a factory reset of the Canon printer without the software of the machine. The hard reset can help you bring back your printer to factory settings, and you may need to reinstall the drivers for it to work. You can hard reset a Canon printer with the following steps:

  1. Find and tap the stop button until you can hear the printer ringing or an alarming sound.
  2. Hit the start button only after the alarm flashes or rings at least nineteen times and then release it.
  3. Your Canon printer has been factory reset and now has out-of-box settings. All you need to do is re-install the drivers and start working like it was before.

When you can’t reset it normally either because of faulty software drivers, you can just follow these methods to hard reset your Canon printer.

Ink Reset of Canon Printer

Canon printers that ink or inkjet printers notify you when your printer is low on ink or ran out of it as it has a chip that is programmed that way. Replacing the ink cartridge of the Canon printer can be done in many methods depending on your model. However, this manual method works with almost all the models of Canon printers. Follow these steps to ink reset of Canon printer:

  1. First, you need to remove the used ink cartridge from the printer and insert a new one into the resetting mechanism of the main channel.
  2. After inserting it, make sure that the chip on your ink cartridge is working fine and is in contact with the plate of the resetter.
  3. Hold the ink cartridge softly for a while until you can see the flashing on the chip. Now, hold the ink cartridge until the LED flashing becomes steady on the resetter chip.
  4. Follow the above-described steps for any low or used ink cartridge that needs resetting until all the inserted ink cartridges flashing becomes steady.
  5. In the end, install the ink cartridges into the printer and see if your Canon printer detects it.

Some other ways to ink reset your canon printer, depending on your model method mentioned above, and may not work as it requires a chip to reset. Here is how you can reset your Canon printer ink cartridges by using the power button:

  1. Turn off your Canon printer and push the power button with the stop button at the same instance.
  2. Leave the stop button and press it again two times more while holding the power button.
  3. You will see “O” after 30 seconds on your screen and then press the power button four times and follow it up by pressing the stop button twice.
  4. Push the power button again, and the printer will turn off.
  5. Unplug the USB and power cables of your Canon printer.
  6. Now, keep pressing the power button until you can access the ink cartridges of the printer. Insert the new ones by removing used ones.
  7. Release the pushed power button that you did at step 4 after closing the ink cartridge.

The method mentioned above will help you reset the ink cartridges without the help of an interface, and it will entirely reset your printer ink cartridge.

Pixma Printer Reset

The Canon Pixma printer works differently from typical Canon printers, so it requires another method that will allow your Pixma printer to reset. If you have a Pixma printer, no need to worry; just follow these steps, and you will be able to reset your Pixma printer to factory settings:

  1. Start your Pixma printer, and by using the arrows button navigate to “Device Settings” and select it.
  2. You will be able to see the “Resetting” option, select it, and press the “ok” option, and the resetting process will begin.
  3. After pressing ok, turn off your printer and then hold the ‘stop’ button consecutively with the ‘power button. Be sure to press these buttons at the same time.
  4. Release the stop button without releasing the power button and press the stop button two or three times while holding the power button.
  5. Wait some time until you see “O” on your printer screen, and then press the stop button four times.
  6. In the end, push the power button two more times, and your printer will be completely reset to factory settings. Press the power button to start your printer and see whether the resetting took place or not.

There may come times when you need to reset the ink cartridge of the Pixma Printer because your ink cartridge may be low or run out of ink. Resetting the ink cartridge of the Pixma printer is simple and can be done by following these steps:

  1. You need to unplug all the cables from your Pixma cable, either power cable or USB; all cables should be unplugged before you can reset the ink cartridge of the Pixma printer
  2. Now, push the power button to open the cartridge door and change the ink cartridges that need resetting.
  3. Plug the power cable while the power button remains functional, close the cartridge, release the power button, and your ink cartridge reset is done.


Briefly, resetting the Canon printer can help resolve minor or major issues that you may be facing like slow processing, hang software, changed settings. All these issues can be resolved by factory resetting your printer, but follow the suitable method according to your problem. We hope to help you in resetting your canon printer without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reset button on the Canon printer?

On modern Canon printers, the stop button works as both the resume and resetting buttons depending upon the circumstances. It acts as a reset button if you press it 2-3 times, as mentioned in the above guide.

Will resetting my Canon printer also reset Wi-Fi settings?

Yes, if for some reason you can’t connect the Canon printer to a new Wi-Fi connection, you can reset your canon printer. By using a soft reset to see if the problem gets resolved; if not, a factory reset will indeed resolve it.

Where is the Reset button on the Canon printer?

On top of your Canon printer, where LEDs and buttons to printing settings are present, the button indicated by “(A)” is where the reset button is present.

What to do when my Canon printer shows it is ejecting a document while there isn’t any?

If your printer is showing it is a printing document while there isn’t any document present, there is no need to worry. In daily workload, glitches like this occur, and a soft reset can resolve them. Read our article for how to reset power reset your canon printer.

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