How to remove screen printing from shirt (5 Effective Methods)

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Screen Print is a technique that creates any writing or picture on any fabric like a shirt, cushions, or bag with a screen or through a very good kind of ink.  In this technique, fine ink is used that doesn’t soak into the fabric and gives a rich look to the fabric. Many companies use this technique to advertise their product by printing their logos on the t-shirts, bags, and cushions as well.

How to remove screen printing from shirt

Screen printing seems to be difficult in the first place but this is not the case.  You can screen print your items with good kinds of tools and ink. It is a worldwide favorite fashion, youngsters love to wear it.

In this process a tightly hold bed of silk is used and the negatives of the patterns are stenciled on this, the method is also called silk screening. It only uses one or two colors and simply gives prints.

If anybody wants more than two colors then heat pressing is required.

How to remove screen printing from shirt

A screenprint is always in fashion and used to present designs, logos, and writings on the fabric. It adds color to your dress. But it is a universal law that every fashion has age and it gets old by the time the same thing is with screen print when it gets old or misprints they look unpleasant and dirty.

So then there is a need to remove those prints that are not somehow an easy task but as we are leaving in the 21st century now we have the latest techniques to print and remove it as well. Some people think that it is difficult or sometimes impossible to remove the screen print but it is a false conception.

Though these prints are considered permanent as we know there is no problem that exists which have no solution. Like that there are some known techniques found by humans which are used in removing the screen prints. We will discuss known techniques one by one which is useful in this situation that is following:

5 Easy Techniques to remove screen printing from shirt

There are many methods used for this purpose. Some are very easy and can be done by anyone without any hesitation or extra precautionary measures but some need powerful chemicals and needs special precautionary measures and extra care like wearing gloves etc. some renowned techniques are following:

1. Use of nail polish remover:

nail polish remover from shirts

Nail polish remover is considered a good screen print remover because it contains acetone which works well on screen print colors when going to try this technique. First try to do a patch test because all fabrics are not the same and nail polish friendly as well. Here are some steps for a patch test.

1.    Wash the shirt with cold water this will help to weaken the colors and will not help colors to stick on the fabric in comparison with hot water, hot water will stick the color on the shirt.

2.    Now dry the shirt in high heat, this will help to lose the ink. Try to peel the colors with your nails.

3.    Now soak the cotton ball into the nail polish remover and rub on the small patch of cloth. This is a good way to check the sensitivity of the cloth to the nail polish remover.

After the patch test if you find out that the cloth is acetone friendly now rub all the cloth with a cotton ball and remove the print. After removing the design you need to wash the cloth for removing residue of nail polish remover and ink remaining.

2. Spot removing fluid

Spot removing guns are widely used to remove the stains or screen printing from the fabrics. Some use air pistols and some work like kids water pistols. In this technique, the spot is removed easily but the spot removing liquid can damage your cloth so do it carefully.

spot removing fluid method is an easy and commonly used method.

You have to fill the gun with liquid, define the spot, and just shoot.

The downside of this method is that you have to buy a gun and liquid. If the design is big then this method will cost you a lot.  So if the design is small then this method is applicable.

3. Plastisol Remover Method

This is a method that needs some precautionary measures like gloves, masks, and ventilated areas to do your work. The step to remove the print is written in the following.  In this method, alcohol is also used.

●     Take the remover and pour onto the cloth for at least 30 minutes. If the print is small you can use a soaked cotton ball and wipe on the shirt slowly.

●     Use a small brush to rub the cloth. Give gentle strokes to weaken the paint.

●     Take a soft cloth to remove the plastisol. After that wash it with cold water. Use any good kind of detergent to remove the remover well.

●     Use a dryer to dry the shirt. Most of the paint will be removed by this method. Rub the remaining paint with your nails or any plastic or metal tool. If there is any remaining paint, you can repeat the process. Remember that using too much plastisol remover can damage your shirt.

4. Plastic bag’s method

This is a cheaper way to remove the screen printing because all the things which are used are mostly available at home.

●     Use cold water to wash the shirt.

●     Lay down the shirt on the iron table. Now place a paper bag on the shirt where there is a screen print.

●     Set the iron to medium temperature. The heat will transfer the print of the shirt to the surface of a paper bag. If there is any remaining paint on the shirt, take the help of any sharp tool or your nails.

5. Coldwater technique

If you have done your screenprint on your own and you are not liking it there is a very easy technique of washing the shirt with cold water this will surely remove the fresh ink from your shirt.

Some useful tips to remove screen prints from a shirt

●     Never ever use hot water for washing the shirt from which you are going to remove the screen print because hot water will fix the screen paint.

●     No matter which method of removing you are using just make sure that the shirt is dry.

●     Never use steam iron for any of the methods and don’t iron the shirt directly because it will fix the print instead of removing it.

4 When there is a need for a washing shirt always hand wash because washing in the machine can fade the color of your shirt.

●      Make sure that always use the ventilated room while using any kind of chemical in any technique.


How can I remove iron on letter transfers?

The first thing is to give heat to the letters with a hairdryer and set the dryer full heat. Make sure that all the parts are given full attention.

How can I remove dried paint from the fabric?

Alcohol is the best solution for it. Just soak a cotton ball into the alcohol and rub it on dried paint. You can also use nail polish remover if you don’t get alcohol immediately.

How can I remove silk screening ink from polyester?

Soak the printed area into warm water. Apply some dishwasher soap. Rub gently with a soft brush. You will see that the surface of the paint is cracked. Rub it until the print is vanished out.


We have discussed all the methods with you now it’s up to you to decide which method you are going to use. Remember that for good results always follow all the steps to find the best results. also, make sure to use the safety gears for your own protection to avoid any damage to yourself.

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