How to Print Postcards on HP Printer (Expert Guide)

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Wondering how to make postcards for conveying messages or for upcoming events or businesses? Then we have got you covered. Instead of getting special services help and spending lots of money, you can print postcards on an HP printer.

The procedure of printing postcards on an HP printer is simple and somewhat similar to normal printing. But there are still some steps that differ, such as the paper type. Usually, to print postcards on an HP printer semi-gloss cardstock paper is used.

However, you can use all types of cardstock paper to print postcards on an HP printer as long as it’s compatible. So, let us start printing some postcards on an HP printer!

Things required to print postcards on HP printer:

    HP printer:

For printing postcards, you will need an HP printer that is compatible with postcards paper type. Postcards paper types are heavier than regular printing paper so make sure to see the weight your HP printer supports before inserting papers.

After being positive that the HP printer supports postcard paper-like cardstock, you can adjust its settings.


  1. Go to the printer’s control panel.
  2. Click the “paper handling” option from the printer’s menu.
  3. Select “Tray” and click on the “heavy” or “Cardstock” option from that menu.
  4. Click resume and you are set to go.


You can use Cover Gloss or any type of cardstock paper. Whatever cardstock paper you get for printing postcards must be compatible with your HP printer. To mail the postcards, you need to follow certain specifications. While designing your postcard keep the under-given information in mind.

Specifications of Postcards:

● The postcard paper must be in a rectangular shape.

● You can have your postcards in all types of colors and fonts as long as the address is easily readable.

● The height of a postcard must be between 105 and 120 mm with a  length of between 148 and 235 mm. you can follow whatever ratio that falls under this size category.

● A thickness of at least 0.178 mm and a maximum of 0.406 mm are advised. Just double-check the thickness of your card stock to ensure that it is under parameters.

    Microsoft word:

You can create postcards that need to be printed by using MS word. Open a document and set the size to 6×4 inches. Add images, texts, designs, or frames and finalize the design.

What to use instead of MS Word?

People who want something other than MS word can use Canva, Adobe, or other photo editing software that has a postcards layout. Canva and adobe spark both have postcards layout and some fun features as well.

How to Print Postcards on HP Printer (step-by-step guide)

After setting everything up and having all the needed stuff. You can follow these simple steps to get your postcards printed on an HP printer.

  1. Turn on the printer and open the postcard image that you want to get printed. (It can be designed by MS word, Adobe Spark, Canva, or any other software)
  2. Make sure your printer has the above-mentioned settings and feed cardstock into the tray carefully.
  3. Click print on the image and a menu will pop up.
  4. Go to properties, find “paper” and select “card stock”.
  5. After this, select the resolutions you want and click “ok”.
  6. Your front side of the postcard will get printed shortly.
  7. If your HP printer has an automatic two-sided printing feature then that’s good. If not then you should let the ink dry and then print the backside of the postcard as well.
  8. That’s it! Your postcards will get printed.
  9. Cut them using scissors or a paper cutter.
  10. Write the message or information you want and you are good to go.

Final words

Just by using a PC or mobile and a printer, you can make your own customized, skilled postcards at home. Plus you get all this at an affordable cost as compared to professional printing services. Check that your printer can print on card stock, and get started. We hope this helps with what you need to know to get started.

What HP printer can print postcards?

You can print postcards by using HP ENVY series printers or HP smart tank printers. Even regular HP printers like HP 8720 can print postcards!

How to change my HP printer settings to cardstock paper?

Just select “cardstock” from the paper handling or properties menu.

Are HP inkjet printers capable of printing postcards?

Yes as long as it’s capable of printing on cardstock.

How to know if my printer can print postcards?

While most printers can handle card stock, others may not. You need to look up the “Media Weight” on the printer’s data sheet to see what types of paper it supports and compare that to the weight on your card stock’s box.

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