How to Print Double Sided on Google Docs

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Print Double Sided on Google Docs

Double-sided printing means you print on each side of the paper.  Double-sided printing on Google docs is not the same as one-sided printing. In one-sided printing, you just print on a single side of the paper and leave the other side blank.

Double-sided printing is efficient as it saves expenses and offers printing on each side of a paper. Consequently, it allows you to spend a small amount of money. Double-sided printing on Google Docs is also environmentally friendly as few paper resources are wasted. But, is Google-doc only used for double-sided printing?

Google Docs enables you to edit, produce and manage your documents with applications like Microsoft Word and spreadsheets. All features provided by Google docs are available online for free. Also, you can start printing from Google Docs with the help of the built-in print function in your Web browser.

This may also be customized by going into the settings prior to when the printing starts. This offers the possibility of printing double-sided on multi-page papers to save paper.

Here’s the thing some printers offer double-sided printing on Google docs by default.  Whereas, some printers demand manual efforts as they do not offer auto double-sided printing. 

However, both types of printers allow printing your Google Docs document. In this article, we’ll take a glance at both of the following printers in depth. So, let’s start reading:

How to Print Double Sided on Google Docs – Step by Step Guide

Approach 1: Duplex printers offering double-sided prints:

●     Starting Google doc: To begin, go to Google Docs. Select the file you want to print. You can choose a current document or start a new one from scratch. You can also select from a range of themes in the collection.

●     Select the file tab: On the upper left side of your screen, you’ll have the File tab. In your taskbar, it’s the first selection option. The File menu will appear when you click on it.

●     Click on print: You’ll find the print option at the end of the File menu. The print window will be displayed when you press on it. You may make changes to the print settings here.

You may also enter the print window by pressing Control + P (or Command + P for Mac users) instead of the two preceding methods. It’s advisable to use these keys on the keyboard since it will spare your time.

●     For double-sided printing selection, go to ‘More settings’: You’ll see several basic setups on your print screen, such as ‘Color’ and ‘destination’.  The ‘More settings’ option is located underneath this area. The option for double-sided printing can be found by going to this option.

●     Select the box beside the ‘Two-sided’ option: The ‘Two-sided’ option is located under the ‘Scale’ box. To facilitate double-sided printing, tap on the box beside this option. Few computers additionally show drop-down choice displays underneath each two-sided option. ‘Flip on short edge’ and ‘Flip on long edge’ are the two alternatives.

With Flip on the long edge, the printer will switch your paper from the wider edge of the paper. While Flip on the short edge allows switching from the shorter edge.

●     Use the system dialogue to print: This alternative can be found at the very bottom of the ‘More settings’ portion: ‘Print via system dialogue.’ Once you select this mode, your system will ask you to start a new window.

In this box, you can change the printer properties. Select two-sided printing from the ‘Preferences’ menu. This is an option to adjust your Google Docs print settings.

●     Select print: Tap ‘Print’ after you’ve modified the printer properties to your liking. One helpful piece of advice is to check the Google Docs preview for checking if you’ve selected the correct options.

Approach 2: Manual printers for double-sided printing:

You can easily start your printing through Google Docs, it doesn’t matter even if you own a manual printer. It only involves one additional step. The rest of the steps are similar.

●     Starting Google Doc: To get proceeded with a Google doc, go to Google Docs. Choose the file you’d like to print. You have the option of using an existing document or creating a new one. You can also choose from a variety of topics in the collection.

●     Select the File tab: The File tab is present at the upper left side of your screen. It’s the initial selection choice in your taskbar. When you click on it, the File menu will pop up.

●     Go to print: The print function is located at the bottom of the File menu. When you click the print button, the print window will appear. Changes to the print settings can be made here.

You can also use the Control + P (or Command + P) keypad command to access this window.

●     Printing per page: The ‘Pages’ button in the Print window helps in choosing the document pages you have to print. You can print single-sided pages first then move on with double-sided printing.

For printing like this, choose the ‘Custom’ option by clicking on the icon beside ‘All.’ After that insert only pages with odd numbers like 3, 7, 9, etc.

●     System Dialogue: The system dialogue is another option for accomplishing the preceding step. Choose ‘More settings’ when the drop-down menu comes underneath the ‘Color option.’

The ‘Print via system dialogue’ option is located towards the end of this section. By clicking this you’ll be taken to another dialogue box. Here you can also adjust the page number.

●     Select print: After you’ve completed all of your adjustments, press the Print button.

●     Turn the bunch of papers over: Flip the pile of papers in your printer after all of the selected papers have been printed. After that, you can easily print all of the pages that are even.

●     Choosing even pages: Reopen the print window and choose even pages this time.

Then, using Control/Command + P, reopen the print window. In the ‘Pages’ area, enter all of the even number pages.

●     Select print: To print the remainder sheets in your file, select Print.

The thing to be noted:

The double-sided option is not of use if you’re using a manual printer for double-sided printing. A manual printer offers only one-sided printing. For printing on the other side, you have to manually turn the paper to the side you want to print on. Thus, the double-sided option is not necessary.


Google Docs makes it easy for you to print double-sided documents. The duplex printers are competent in managing this sort of printout in order to prevent manually switching every time. Manual printers also offer double-sided printing on Google Docs. However this is certainly not the most user-friendly printing option, but it is accessible. You can use one of the two printers above.

The double-sided printing depends on the type of printer you have. Hopefully, you have learned how to print double-sided on Google Docs from this article. If you have any problem accessing the double-sided printing on Google Docs, feel free to ask us!

Frequently asked questions and Answers

In which type of printing are flip on the long edge and flip on the short edge used?

If printing in landscape orientation, the ‘Flip on long edge’ selection is ideal for this purpose. While printing in landscape orientation, select the ‘Flip on short edge’ alternative.

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