How to Print Business Cards on Epson Printer (Easy Guide)

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Print Business Cards on Epson Printer
Print Business Cards on Epson Printer

Starting a business is a nice investment whether it’s small or big. But to make the business grow you need to have communication with society. Due to this, many companies have business cards. 

Business cards serve as a sneak peek into your company or business and they can attract customers or clients. Now, instead of running off to the closest store and telling them the design of your business card and then waiting for days to get them, you can print your business card.

Epson printers are affordable and if you already have an Epson printer then it’s time to put it to work. You might get disappointed by ordering business cards and them not being up to your standards can cause a huge loss. So design your business card and we will tell you how to print business cards on an Epson printer.

We have provided you with a complete guide that will help in printing business cards by using an Epson printer. Let us begin by telling you what the simple requirements are.

Things you will need to print business cards on an Epson printer

● Epson printer

● Business card paper ( like point cardstock) that can be printed

● Software on PC or smartphone for designing business cards

Important aspects of printing business cards at home

1. Printer Type

You don’t need to buy a dedicated printer to print the business cards at home because many all-in-one printers are available. Usually, a laser printer is a preferred printer that is easy to work at home. You can also use an inkjet printer which is high in demand and most people like to use it because of its versatility in handling multiple types of papers.

2. Paper for printing

Once you have a printer of suitable requirements then you need to get a printing paper. Usually, Epson printers can handle Gloss, Matte, and cardstock papers that provide ideal results for business cards. 

But look at your printer’s specs to see which types of papers it is compatible with and get that suitable printing paper. You can even make a business card on plain paper but that’s entirely up to your preference. Or you can get business card paper if the Epson printer supports them.

Here’s how you can choose the printing paper for your business card:

● Get the color you want, usually, business cards look best in cream or white colors.

● Follow your budget, if you have extra money to spend then get a premium cardstock that is thicker and more expensive than regular cardstock.

● The ideal thickness of business card paper is 14-point thickness. But you can get a thicker one according to your preference.

● A glossy finish on business cards makes them look shiny and a matte finish looks not shiny but clean. Opt for whatever you find suitable.

● Make sure the paper you get is compatible with the Epson printer that you have.

3. Designing software

For designing, there are varieties of software like Epson card print, Canvas, Ms word, etc. For starters, we recommend MS Word as this is simple to use and it’s available on many PCs. 

But for more style customization you can use Epson card print or other business card designing software that offers business card templates. We will tell you a guide on how to print business cards on an Epson printer by using MS word templates. Just make sure whatever software you use features a business card template.

4. Quantity

Keeping in mind the quantity of the cards you want to print is also important. You do not want your papers to run while making business cards as this will hinder your progress.

Plus, leaving unused cardstock will only stack up in the basement and consume space. So, keep in mind the size of your company. If you have a large-scale business then it’s best to have a large number of business cards.

How to Print Business Cards on Epson Printer (Step-by-step instructions)

When you have selected all the needed aspects then you can get to the main step of printing. Step one is designing the cards and having an appropriate layout and templates. 

The second step is using the printer and PC to get the business cards printed. And the last step is simply cutting the business cards off from A4 printing paper. Let us make it simple for you by giving you step-by-step instructions to print business cards on an Epson printer:

Step: 1

● The first step is opening the designing software and selecting the “business cards” option from the menu bar.

● Go to the “new” option. Then select the template you find most attractive.

● While most business card material comes with ten cards per sheet, the layout might differ. If you’ve previously developed your business card, match the layout to the template you used.

● Further, you have to customize or change themes or colors then you can do all that.

●     Save it and it’s printable for the next step.

Step: 2

● Put printing papers or cardstock in the feeder of the Epson printer.

● Just use the keyboard of your PC and simultaneously click the “control key” and the letter “P”.

● A screen will popup then write the number of prints you want.

● Choose the “print” option and the business cards will start printing.

● We recommend doing this on plain paper to see if the design looks appealing to you so you can change it without wasting cardstocks.

Step: 3

● The cards will come out from the printer in pairs of six or ten on a single A4 or any other size sheet, depending on the size and layout you have selected.

● People who are using an inkjet printer to print business cards should wait for the ink to dry.

● Cut them using a cutter to make sure you have perfectly shaped business cards.

● If the business cards have thick edges then use sandpaper to smooth the edges.

● That’s all you have your business cards right on your desk!

Things to avoid:

● Do not put too many pages in your printer feeder and it might jam or tamper with the printing quality.

● People who are using inkjet printers should wait for the ink to dry before cutting the cards.

● If your requirement is over 100 business cards, do not print them all in one day. To make sure your printer does not get damaged.

● When cutting, do not hastily do it. Take your time while carefully cutting the edges so business cards can look smooth and perfect.

Final words

There’s no purpose to delay now that you know how inexpensive and simple it is to create business cards on an Epson printer. We hope this tutorial on how to print business cards on an Epson printer will teach you everything you need to know and get rid of your confusion related to printing business cards. 

Lastly, before starting printing make sure the printer is compatible with the paper you use and that your printer works properly.

Do Epson printers print business cards?

Yes, you can follow our above-mentioned guide to print business cards. You can use A4 paper size to get several business cards printed in one go.

Should I use an inkjet printer or laser printer for printing business cards?

Inkjet printers can print business cards but people also use laser printers. Both give high-quality prints depending on the types of ink used so make sure that you use high-quality ink with either of the printers

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