How to Print a Web Page as It Appears on Screen

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Print a Web Page as It Appears on Screen

Printing seems like a simple procedure but it’s not uncommon to have unsatisfying results on printed paper. You might look at the printed paper and find that the page that your printed paper looks nothing like the one on the website page.

Do not start blaming your printer but do check your printer nozzle first. If there’s no problem with the printer then the problem is with the web page printing modifications.

In this guide, we will show you how to print a web page as it appears on the screen. Firstly let us give you the correct way of printing a web page then we will give the reasons as to why the web page is not getting printed as it is.

How to Print a Web Page as It Appears on Screen – Fully explained

Printing a web page correctly:

  1. Open the webpage you want to print on your browser.
  2. Go to the three dots on the right side of Google or any other browser.
  3. Select print.
  4. Make sure to click on “print preview”, if the preview looks different then close it and do not proceed with printing.
  5. In order to make sure your print preview looks the same as the web page, see if the web page has frames.
  6. Select inside the frame that needs to be printed, if there are any frames or selective frames you want to print.
  7. Go to file then again click on the print option.
  8. Choose the printer that is connected to the computer you are using.
  9. Find the “print frame” option that will be present in the dialog box. Select it. 
  10. Click on the “As laid out on the screen” as you want it to look the same as it appears on the screen.
  11. Go to properties and select the “fit to page” option so it all gets printed on one page. Just select the option that will adjust the size of the web page content to a single printed paper.
  12. Select “ok” and your web page will get printed as it appears on the screen.

Reasons for a printed web page not looking as it appears on screen:

Common occurrences would be your lines or margins not matching the website page. Or the background image may be shifted or the lines would look out of order. All this may be due to the web developers. They may have designed the website for a specific stylesheet or browser.

Many web developers do show printer-friendly versions but that is not the case all the time which is why it may look different on printer paper. 

Moved pieces, misplaced photos, text that doesn’t fit the page, and other difficulties are common when printing from the web. Here’s how you can deal with them.

How to make sure that you print a webpage as it appears on the screen?

There may be chances where your print preview does not look the same as the layout or content from the web page. Or the paper you printed looks lacking compared to the web page. Here are a few solutions to solve this problem:

Searching for a printer-friendly version:

Just click Ctrl+F and type print-friendly. If there’s an icon highlighted then click on it to have the printer’s friendly version of the web page. This version is given by web developers so that the printed web page content can look the same as the on-screen version.

Printing the PDF page of the web page:

Not every web page has a printer-friendly option so in that case, you can select the PDF version of the web page. Find the PDF link and click to download it. Then you can print the PDF one to have the results same as the one on the screen.

We do not recommend printing PDFs directly from the browser. You should go to “files”, then print that respective PDF file from computers.

Change the print setup:

Sometimes there may be an error in alignment of the content link margin lines being misplaced. For that, you should set up the layout of the printing image. Select portrait or landscape and click on “print preview” to see which one covers all the content in the same way as the web page. Once you find which layout works best then select that layout and print the web page.

Using browser extensions:

There are various browser extensions that can help in improving the results of the printed web page. For different browsers, there are numerous extensions. Some are given below:

●     Blipshot makes screenshots easy and simple for Chrome.

●     FireShot is a free extension that Works great for printing web pages for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE. 

●     Full Page Screen Capture provides an easy way of capturing the content of web pages which makes printing easy.

●     PrintFriendly works well for different browsers and helps in printing web pages as they appear on the screen.

●     Webpage Screenshot Free

There are various others like Marker, Nimbus Screenshot, and Open Screenshot.

Final words

By following these steps you can easily print a web page as it appears on the screen. Having a neat and same-looking web page printed on your paper may be hard but not impossible. Try all of these methods. We trust at least one of these methods will help you in printing the web page as it appears on the screen.

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