How to Make Nail Decals With Printer

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Make Nail Decals With Printer

You might be wanting unique designs on nails but can not find patterns on already existing nail decals. Have you thought of printing that design and making nail decals? Yes, you can make nail decals with a printer.

Nail decals are like nail stickers that have a water-adhesive backside. Also, these aren’t permanent and need to be coated with polish, gel polish, or another compound to coat nails. 

These come with various designs and patterns that look amazing on all types of nail polishes. Although, the options are endless as they are temporary and not everyone wants to buy them.

DIY nail decals may be the trend however note everyone is born with the artistic capabilities of creating one. That’s why many people use printers to print nail decals.

Here’s what you will need for making nail decals with a printer

● Clear waterslide decal paper or white waterslide decal paper

● Laser printer

● Photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Corel, etc.)

● Microsoft word

● Gloss spray for coverage 

● White nail polish

● Top coat polish

Step-by-step guide on how to make nail decals with printer

  1. Turn on the printer and make sure it has ink.
  2. Run an ink test to see if it’s working fine.
  3. Open photo editing software and make the design or artwork you want.
  4. Get that image on Microsoft word.
  5. The format of Microsoft Word should be A4 paper with narrow margins so you do not waste all of the decal paper.
  6. After selecting the design, make sure the design is resized to fit your nails.
  7. Print the design on regular printing paper and check the unfinished nail decal’s quality and size.
  8. Once you know that the design is perfect, get decal paper.
  9. Print the design on the glossy side of the waterslide decal paper.
  10. Cut the design section off from decal paper. And spray it with clear coat spray if it’s printed from an inkjet printer.
  11. Now, cut the designs as small as possible so you only see the design image on all edges of the decal paper.
  12. Paint your nails in the desired color you want.
  13. Dip your printed nail decals in water two to three times and take them off from the decal paper.
  14. Place it in the position on your nail and seal it by using the top coat polish.
  15. That’s it, you have made nail decals using the printer, let your nails dry, and have fun with your nails.

Is it worth it to make nail decals with a printer?

Here’s how printing your nail decals can come in handy:

● When you want celebrity or band members’ faces on your nails.

● During the celebration of holidays.

● To surprise your friends with cool-looking designs on nails.

● Have your favorite quotations or animation characters on your nails.

● For gifting, friends nail decals to create memories during birthdays.

● You can print your sports team’s logo or your favorite player’s face and have them as your nail design.

● They are thinner than nail stickers and can be customized.

● It is cost-effective as clear decal paper does not cost expensive.

● There’s no border around the image design so it stands out.

● Nail decals can fit all nails and you can make them perfect for the size of the nail.

Things to look out for when making nail decals with a printer:

We don’t recommend designing entire nail patterns because they tend to curl and don’t lay flat. Relatively narrow patterns will fit perfectly and lay better if your nail beds curve a lot. Use caution when applying spray gloss from a container! Do it in a well-ventilated space outside.

Final words

We hope you found this helpful, make sure your printer is compatible with decal paper. Also, you can print nail decals for an upcoming concert, sports match, or event. They are a nice quirky detail that makes your nail stand out. 

Furthermore, if you are an artist you can even showcase your personality by using your own artwork for printing special nail decals.


1. Is it possible to create your own nail decals?

Yes, you can use a printer or Cricut to make your own nail decals?

2. Can I sell printed nail decals?

Definitely, if they are of high quality and can stick well, then you can sell them too.

3. What size of nail decals should I create for printing?

Just keep them small and make sure the size is not above then 0.25 inches.

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