How to Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out?

A printer is an expensive gadget, and it is not an everyday purchase product. Therefore, you have to use it very carefully by following a protocol. Otherwise, you may face difficulties. But if you are not using the printer regularly, it may also give rise to a significant problem regarding the ink clots and drying out of ink cartridges.

If you have faced the problem, you would have an idea of how challenging and frustrating it is to use the printer with dried ink. And it is pretty heart-wrenching when your filled ink cartridge has dried and turned into stain clumps because of no use for an extended period. We know it feels terrible when it becomes a waste of your hard-earned penny.

how to keep printer ink from drying out

But you don’t need to panic at all as we have found the best possible remedy for your trouble. For example, are you looking for methods on How to keep printer ink from drying out? Well, you are at the right place! Here is the solution that will help you prevent the clogging of printer ink and save your money from spending on new ink cartridges for printers.

Please ensure the following steps are mentioned below. You can apply these instructions to your printer of any brand. Either the printer is of Hp, Epson, or Canon Printer, these rules or tips are universal for the long-lasting preservation of ink. So read the article till the end to avoid any unexpected load on your wallet.

Reason for Printer Ink Drying Out?

Well, it is a valid question that can arise in anyone’s mind whose printer ink has dried out without being used. And that part compelled us to answer this question before moving towards the tips and tricks of preventing the printer ink from drying out. Multiple factors count for the clogging of ink. Some of them are as follows:

  1. There is no use of the printer for a long time.
  2. You are keeping your printer on for no reason.
  3. The temperature is not optimum for the ink
  4. Make space for air to enter the printer while filling the cartridges on your own
  5. Leaving the ink cartridges unsealed or uncovered when not in use.

All these factors mentioned above contribute to creating trouble for you. Otherwise, the companies with a significant market reputation have manufactured premium quality inks that can serve the user for a long duration.

Tips About How to Keep Printer Ink from Drying Out:

So, here is the most awaited section of the post. First, fasten your seat belts and make sure that you don’t miss any word regarding your query. Of course, certain factors play a vital role in preventing the ink from drying out. But the primary factor is that people usually neglect those factors, and at last, they have to pay for their negligence.

Following are the factors that you must ensure if you want to keep printer ink from drying out:

1.      The temperature of surroundings:

Temperature is the crucial factor in the prevention of printer ink from drying. But, unfortunately, people ignore this factor and do not pay attention to it. But they are unaware of its significance; with the change in hotness and coldness of the environment, the ink either evaporates or clogs eventually.

The only thing that can help is to provide optimum temperature to ink to prevent it from drying. Place your printer in the room where you feel that the temperature is optimum. There is a range of temperatures that helps to store the ink when you are not using it. It falls somewhere between 18-34 degrees Celsius. If you are going on an extended vacation, ensure that you have placed the ink cartridge in optimum environmental conditions.

2.      Moisturizing the Cartridge:

Undoubtedly, the temperature is not in your control, but you can save yourself from losing money on buying new cartridges by providing moisture. It would help if you moisturized the cartridge after using them until the next job or task. It is a very intriguing question about how you can dampen the cartridge.

There is nothing complicated in this step. You need to pull out the ink cartridge. Make sure that you wear latex gloves before performing this step. And place a moist cloth on it. But before fixing it back in the printer, make sure that you have dried it with a dry cloth or blotting paper.

3.      Frequent Usage:

Make sure that you use your printer frequently. The long gaps in the printer lead to the formation of clumps. Moreover, the air in contact with the ink continuously reacts with the chemical agents in ink and leads to small ink pebbles and clumps.

These clogs may stick in your printing head and may lead to irreparable damage to the printer. Moreover, you have to spend around 200-300$ additionally to buy a new inkjet printer. Hence, it is better to use it instead of throwing it in the trash yard.

4.      Switching off the Printer:

Have you done your printing job? If yes, then it is better to turn off your printer. Not because of electricity consumption but the heat generation. The heat generated as the result of keeping your printer on for no reason can cause trouble.

As we have mentioned above, that temperature can cause the clogging and drying of ink. Then to avoid that part, you have to make sure that you don’t leave the room without turning off the printer. It will save the cost of both the printer and electricity bill.

5.      Storage of the Cartridge:

Are you planning to go on an extended vacation? Well, that’s good for your health. But you don’t want to get a shocking surprise about the printer on your return. So to avoid unexpected shocks after a happy and chilling vacation, we recommend you plan for it first. And the plan is to store the ink cartridge in the preservative caps. You can buy the preserving caps from any computer accessory shop.

But if you don’t have access to the preservative caps, then the most suitable and appropriate option is to use the zipper sheets and bags. The only thing that you need to do is to remove all the air from the plastic bag or container to make it air-tight. The second is to place the bag or container in the darkroom with the optimum temperature for ink.

Placing the cartridges in an upright position is a take-home message. Yes! You have read it right. The state of the cartridge also matters. Don’t place it lying sideways or angularly. Please put it in a straight position.

6.      Avoid Refilling the ink Cartridge by yourself:

You have consumed every drop from your cartridge. That sounds good. And now you have worn your latex gloves and grabbed the injector to fill the cartridge with ink. But that is not professionalism. Because most people make mistakes in fixing the cartridge in the printer, they create a space for the air to enter the printer and react with the ink.

We recommend you to leave it to someone professional in doing this job. It is better to pay less for this job than to pay from your credit card for a box-packed printer.

7.      Cleaning the Printer’s Head:

The last but not negligible step is the cleaning of the printer’s head. Ensure the functioning of the printer’s head by checking its physical state. Sometimes the ink drops stick in the head and blocks the pathway of ink coming from the cartridge. As a result, the ink gets jammed and starts drying out in the path and the cartridge.

So please ensure the cross-checking of the printer’s head, especially before using the printer after a long interval. If it requires cleaning, then go for it to prevent ink clogging and drying out issues. You can use alcohol or hot water for that purpose with a cotton swab.

Reactivate the Dried-Out Cartridge:

Have you already suffered from this situation and now looking for a solution to reactivate your dried-out?  Following are the basic steps that you need to perform to reactivate your dried out cartridge:

  • You have to run the printer’s head 3-4 times. In case of no result, you can move towards the second point.
  • Pull out the cartridge.
  • Dip it in the container of hot water.
  • Use a cotton swab or newspaper to rub it properly.
  • Wash its nozzles.

Ready to Prevent The Printer’s Ink Cartridge from Drying?

Now you have gone through all the tips and preventive measures that will help you keep your ink cartridge safe from drying. Have you noticed that all these methods are cost-effective and easy-to-do! Hence, you don’t need to panic as there is nothing complicated in the procedure. All it wants is your attention and care.

We hope that this article has proven itself fruitful for you and you have got all the answers in it. Thank you for reading this post with zeal and zest.

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