How to Connect Two Computers to One Printer using USB

In offices, several computers are used by employees and in about all fields printer is also a need of every employee. But sometimes there is a shortage of printers. So there is a need to connect two computers to one printer. If there is any problem in connecting two computers without wire means wirelessly.

Connecting multiple computers with the wireless printer

Don’t worry, you can connect these computers with USB wires. And don’t worry about the performance. Both computers will work well with one printer and there will be no effect on work efficiency.

For connecting two computers with one printer you need several things which are written in the following

●     1 printer

●     2 computers

●     3 USB cables

●     1 USB hub(at least 2 to 1)

First I will discuss all the things in detail.

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic machine. which is used to store, process, and save the data. You can do complicated calculations on it. It does your work in seconds. You can mail your office documents on it.

What is a printer?

The printer transfers the information present in a computer into a piece of paper.

What is a USB?

USB stands for a universal serial bus is a data-saving device that can save our data in it and we can transfer our data from one place to another place in an easy way.

What is a USB cable?

USB cable is a connecting cable that is used to connect computers to other devices like cameras, mobiles, scanners, and printers as well.

How to Connect Two Computers to One Printer using USB – Easy Steps

  1. Switch off both the computers and printer
  2. Just check the backside of the USB hub.
  3. Plug the USB cable into the hub.
  4.  Remember there is only one connecting cable with comes with the USB. you have to purchase two more cables to complete this connection.
  5. Now connect another side of the cable in the 2_1 USB hub. This cable will work well and will take signals from a computer and send all signals to the printer.
  6. Now you have two more cables remaining. Plug one of the cable side into the USB port available in each computer and another side in the USB port on the USB hub.
  7. Switch on the computers and printer as well.
  8. Now install the driver on both computers by inserting the CD.

Now all the procedure is done and you are now able to use one printer on both of the computers. There is one more option if you want to connect more than 2 computers with one printer you need to buy a larger USB hub. It will be money-saving work in the offices.

How do I link 2 computers together?

You can link two computers by using an ethernet cable. Now follow the following steps.

  1. Click on start and go to the control panel.
  2. Go to the network and internet.
  3. Now select network and sharing center.
  4. Now select advance sharing
  5. Now just turn on the file-sharing.

Connecting multiple computers with the wireless printer:

If you are thinking of connecting more than 2 computers with your printer then a wireless printer is the best option. In case you already have a wireless printer and using it with your PC. you can connect this wireless printer to multiple computers. The procedure is simple and written in the following:

●     A  software CD comes with every printer. First of all, install the set up in every computer which you want to connect with your printer. Remember that the CD should be compatible with your computer’s system. If there is any problem you can download the latest version of it from the net.

Before downloading check whether you are downloading correctly according to the model of your printer. I will recommend you a full feature version. During the installation, the computer will give you two options. Through network or wireless. The wording can be changed. If there is any problem you can search it on the web accordingly.

●     Follow all the instructions given on the page and give answers accordingly to finish installing.

If you are having a wireless printer  and you want to connect it with your Mac computers just follow the following instructions:

  1. Switch on your computer.
  2. Go to the upper left of your screen
  3. There is an apple menu just click on it. Select system

preferences. There are three options

●     Print and fax

●     Print and scan

●     Printers and scanners

Choose depending on the version of OS X on your Mac.

There is a +sign at the bottom list of printers. Choose that and select “Add printer or scanner” In the default tab choose your printer. Select either Air print or you can give the name of your printer. Now click Add.

Advantages of connecting one printer to two or more than two computers:

The printer is one of the useful hardware parts of the computer and its use in offices is countless. If we talk about it,s cost, latest printers are too costly that sometimes it is impossible to buy many printers for offices and at home as well advantages of connecting one printer to more than one computers are written in the following:

Multiple computers can use this facility:

Firstly, many people can use one printer at a time and fulfill their needs.

It’s cost-saving:

It’s cost-saving because not everyone needs to buy a separate printer for his work. This is useful in offices and at home as well.

Working on multiple Platforms:

As we know computers work on multiple networks and in advanced technology and no need to worry about using a separate printer for each platform. Because printers have different drivers installed for each platform so they can work for each platform. They can print for the needs of each computer platform.

Its maintenance saving method:

As we have one printer in comparison with two or more than two computers. so there is less to worry about its maintenance.  So we have to care about one printer and not a pile of printers.


In short, it’s a very useful method to connect two or multiple computers to one printer. Using this method can save you money and give you hands-on experience with technology. So just follow some simple instructions and get the advantage of this facility.

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