How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

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No one wants to be fixed at a particular point for a specific time while printing the documents. And to ease the users, the evolving technology has developed the option of wireless printing. The big bulls of computer technology like Canon have introduced the wireless option in their printer. Now the user can print the document from its device while moving anywhere.

But we know that Apple has designed and installed its protective software that doesn’t easily connect with any other device. And so, iPhone users are facing the problem of connecting with canon printers.

How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone

Do you also have an iPhone in your pocket? Well, you are a money man then! I am Just kidding! Are you looking for a solution on how to connect canon printers to the iPhone? Then, you are on the right platform. We have found the solution of this issue and are going to share it with you.

You can connect your iPhone with a canon printer without facing any hindrance or trouble by following the steps. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you will read the post till the end without skipping any point.

Method About How to connect canon printer to iPhone:

The wait is over now! Here is the segment that kept you waiting. If you want to avail yourself of the advantage of wireless printing, then kindly follow the instructions. Please keep your eyes open and don’t take them off the screen as we are bringing helpful something under the spotlight for you.

  Checking the iOS of your iPhone:

Before connecting your iPhone with your canon printer, you have to check if you have installed the latest version of iOS. Usually, people forget to update their phone to the newest version that becomes non-compatibility their device with the printer.

  Wi-fi connection:

Wi-fi connection assurance is also a significant factor in connecting your iPhone with a canon printer. This step is also a pre-connection assessment. Your Canon printer and your iPhone must share the same internet connection.

  Airprint Printing:

Using the Apple wireless printing option, which we call Air-print, we have to make sure that the machine is on. The second thing you need to check is the connection of the device with the local area network. These two are the primary and initial steps for AirPrint printing.

  Canon Print App:

After the initial steps, you need to move into your iPhone. The effort you need to make is to download the Canon Print App on your iPhone from the app store by searching on the bar. That app will allow the wireless connection of your Apple device with your printer.

  Setting up the App:

If you have successfully installed the app, the next step you have to follow is the app’s setting. First, open the app by touching the canon print app icon. And then start reading the instructions. Follow the instructions accordingly.

  Register the Printer:

You have to register your printer on your device to generate a link between it and your mobile phone. After joining the device, you have to go for the printer set up by following the pathway. First, touch the option, which appeared on the screen of Connecting your Printer using Wireless router connection. Make sure that you use the option carefully; otherwise, you cannot print via the Air Print facility by Apple.


After following the above instructions, a message will appear on the screen to connect your canon device with the available wi-fi network. And for doing so, you have to go to your device’s settings, and then you have to choose the wi-fi option that allows it to connect with that available wi-fi. Then, after entering the password, touch the OK option on the screen.

  Password Entry:

You can conclude the procedure of connecting the printer with the iPhone by entering the code of the chosen data connection router.

You have successfully learned to connect your iPhone with your printer. Now start printing the documents using your iPhone wirelessly.

Are you still facing trouble in printing the document with an iPhone?

Have you successfully printed connected the apple device with your printer but still facing trouble in printing? Here is the best guideline for troubleshooting.

You need to make sure that you have turned on your device and have a stable electricity connection.

If it is OK, then you need to move on towards the wi-fi connection. Mark the tick on your checklist if your Canon printer and iPhone catch the signal from the same internet router.

If there is no issue with wi-fi connectivity, you need to check the software update of your iPhone. There is no need to be anxious or bother if you are using a high-speed data connection.

If there is still an issue, then the last thing you can do is to check the ink in the printer or the printer’s head.

Want to check the printing progress?

In old times, you had to stand up near the printer to count the number of prints. But from now, you can check the progress by using the print app from your iPhone.

Are you connecting iPod and iPad with the Canon printer?

There is nothing different if you want to connect your iPod or iPad with your printer. There are the exact instructions and methodology for connecting your Canon printer with your other Apple products.

Want to delete a Print Job?

Have you changed your mind and want to stop printing the document, or have you selected the wrong paper for printing and now looking for the solution? There are two possible and easiest ways to sort out this issue.

From printer:

You need to cancel the printing process manually. And for this purpose, your printer must have a screen.

From iPhone:

You need to open the print app. After opening the app, you have to check the list of the printed items list. You can cease the printing process by following this route.

Ready to Take Air Print from Your Canon Printer to iPhone:

That is all from our side! You may not know about How to Connect Canon Printer an iPhone before reading the post. But now, you can claim that you can easily connect your Apple mobile device with the printer. If you still have any ambiguity about the procedure or still have confusion even after watching the video tutorial, don’t hesitate to ask us; leave your comment at the end of the post.

We worthy members will answer it in no time. But if you are feeling hesitant, you can also seek guidelines or help from someone experienced in your circle who has done this job before. So, don’t wait for too long; turn, follow the instructions, and start printing through your iPhone.

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