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Brothers is a well-known brand that manufacturers high-quality printers that serve multiple features for printing. In addition, they provide wireless printers that are unique among other alternatives. However, if users aren’t fully aware of the proper connection method, they won’t be able to access all the excellent benefits while printing.

Hence, our article will guide you to learn how to connect brother printer to computers via a wireless network. Follow the steps below as per your OS. 

how to connect brother printer to computer

Method About How to connect brother printer to computer

To connect the printer to your computer, you must ensure that both the printer and computer are connected to the same router or Wi-Fi network. 

  1. Connect your computer to the Router or Wi-Fi network.
  2. Connect your brothers’ printer to the same network to which the computer is connected. 
  3. Connect the computer and printer together. 

If the printer driver is already installed, you can manually connect to a wireless network. There are different steps for Windows and Mac. Depending upon your OS, follow the steps below.

Before beginning, the process ensures that the Printer driver, printer setting tool, and printer editor are already installed.

  1. Turn your printer on and notice whether the Wi-Fi LED is flashing. If it isn’t, hold the button until it flashes.
  2. Now, via USB cable, connect your printer and computer. Go to the printer setting tool on your computer. On the wireless LAN tab, select infrastructure to enable communication mode and enter SSDI or search and select the SSDI from the list. Then enter your password. Make sure that the LED should be lit. 

And you are done with the setup. Now you can print your labels without much struggle.

Installing Printer driver 

Haven’t you installed the printer driver yet? No worries, follow the steps mentioned below to complete the setup. 

You can find printer drivers usually on the manufacturer’s website in the downloads section. You can set up the wireless connection while installing the printer driver. 

If you are a Windows user, follow these steps.

The very first step is to confirm your SSID and password of the Wi-Fi or network source you are using. Once you are done with this, follow the steps below.

Connect your computer to the wireless network.

  1. Go to the official website of the brother printer and download the printer driver and P- touch editor from its downloads section. 
  2. Click on the files to begin the installation. From the 2 options that appeared on the screen, select Wireless network connection. 
  3. If your OS is windows, click on brother peer to peer network printer and further select the firewall port setting option. 
  4. If your OS is Mac, you can skip this step and directly proceed to the next step.
  5. Now you can either use a USB cable or WPS and choose the option accordingly. Follow the instructions appearing on the screen to complete the setup.
  6. Check whether your SSID is correct and confirm the connection. The printer’s Wi-Fi LED will light to indicate successful connection. Start P-touch Editor and select the printer, and you are done with the setup. 

If you own OS Mac, follow the steps mentioned below

  1. Go to the official brothers’ website, further go to the downloads section to download the full package, and click to open the file.
  2. Now go to the utility folder and search and click on the wireless device setup wizard. Instructions will appear on the screen to set up the wireless setting between printer and wireless network. Connect your computer to the same network. Brother’s usually recommended using a USB cable.
  3. Click on your SSID, and your computer will connect to the printer. As in the windows, the editor lite LED has to be off. Now start the P-touch and choose the printer from the list. 
  4. And that’s it, you are done with the setup and have learned how to connect the brothers’ printer to the computer. Go ahead and print your own labels wirelessly.


How do I find a printer driver? 

Printer drivers can be easily found on the manufacturer’s official website in the downloads section. Go there and download your driver. 

What should I do if the computer isn’t connecting to my brother’s printer?

This can happen because of various reasons. Usually, it happens because of a poor network connection or when the connection is lost. Make sure you have a strong network while connecting. 

Do I need an AC adapter for my brother’s printer? 

Yes. You’ll need an AC adapter or li-ion rechargeable battery as an optional battery base. If the power supply changes, printing speed may also fluctuate and lead to poor results.

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