How to check ink levels on canon printer

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check ink levels on canon printer

In the field of image and technology, Canon is a great invention. The canon offers you a wide range of printers loaded with multiple features at an affordable price. For printing high-quality photos, making projects, and even for small businesses, the Canon inkjet printers are the most versatile choice for you.

The Canon inkjet printers are of two types, one with tri-colored cartridges including cyan, magenta, and yellow inks, while the other one is with black ink. In a canon inkjet printer, the ink cartridge is one of the most important parts. Because the quality of your printout depends on the ink quality and amount of ink in your printer. Therefore, you must know how to check the ink levels on your canon printer? 

Checking ink levels in a Canon printer 

For a high-quality print, the ink cartridges in your printer must be full, and you should also check whether either the ink of the printer is running low or not. In the Canon printer, an electronic chip is present in the ink cartridges that connect them with the printer and tell you about any kind of disturbance in the ink cartridges that can destroy your image quality. 

How to check ink levels on canon printer – Complete Steps

If you are using a printer you must know how to check ink levels in your printer. It’s a quite simple process, you just need to follow some steps. In a Canon printer, you can easily check the ink levels by connecting your printer with PCS, laptops, or even with your smartphones. Let’s check out the further mechanism for checking the ink levels in your Canon printer. 

  • Click on the start button 

After connecting your computer with the printer, the first thing you have to do is to click on the start button. A list with different apps is opened. 

  • Search printers and devices 

The second thing you have to do is search the printers and devices in the search bar of your computer. Now open the printers and devices option and a list with all the printers that are connected with your computer will open. 

  • Select the Canon printer 

From this list of different printers, you have to select the Canon printer. So that you can check out further details about this Canon printer. 

  • Click on printer status 

After selecting the Canon printer, a maintenance page will open with different options. From all of these options, you have to click on the view printer status option for checking the status of your printer. 

  • Select the status of the ink 

Now after selecting the printer’s status, your computer will display the picture of each ink cartridge on the screen. These pictures of the screen will offer you all the details about the ink cartridges.  

  • Details of inks 

For checking out the details about each ink cartridge in your printer, you just have to click on the image of the ink whose status you want to check and all the details about that ink cartridge will be displayed on your screen. 

Manual check out 

Another method for checking out the ink levels in your Canon printer is to check out manually. Sometimes, the control panel of your computers doesn’t show correct information about your ink cartridges due to some technical issues. And you may get faded, and blurred images. 

Therefore, you can also check the ink levels manually. All you have to do is to open the toner box and check the ink status of your ink cartridges and refill them if needed. 

Benefits of checking the ink levels in a canon printer 

The process of checking out the ink levels in your Canon printer is quite simple and allows you to have colorful and high-quality printouts. Here are some advantages of this process. 

  • High-quality printouts 

Having a check and balance on the ink levels of your printers saves you from having blurred, faded, and poor-quality printouts.

  • Save your money 

You can also save your money and energy resources by checking ink levels in your printer. It allows you to save the inks, as you know when you need to change the inks. Also saves your money by saving paper. 

  • Improves the working of your printer 

Another important benefit of this process is that it improves the working of your printer. Empty or low ink cartridges would damage the efficiency of your printer. 

Disadvantages of Inkjet printers 

However, the Canon inkjet printers offer you a high-quality printout with multiple features. They have some disadvantages which are given below: 

  • Their printing speed is less as compared to a laser printer. 
  • Expensive ink cartridges 
  • Not able to use highlighter markers 
  • Sensitive to water 


Checking out the levels of ink cartridges on your printer is a simple process and you can easily do it. I hope now you completely understand how you can check the inks levels on your Canon printer. Overall, the Canon printer is an all-in-one inkjet printer for small offices and home businesses, art projects, and high yield at an affordable price.

Moreover, with the help of laser features and for the color option of this canon printer the printing of documents and colorful images can be fun for you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can we use Canon printers for photos?

Yes! You can use Canon printers for colorful and high-quality photos as they are one of the best printers used for photos. The Canon inkjet printers offer you better quality colorful photos at an affordable price. Canon printers are also famous for their high-yield printing.

Which kind of ink is suitable for Canon printers?

The Canon PGI-280 / CL-281 series is one of the suitable ink series for Canon printers. These inks come with high or extra high-yield options and reduce your ink replacement needs.

How much do Canon printer inks cost you?

Usually, the inks for Canon printers are available at the price ranging between 7.17 to 999.99 dollars.

Can I use HP ink in the canon printer?

Yes! You can use the HP inks in your Canon printer. But the ink must be present in your Canon cartridges.

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